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Chef’s Basket – $45

To accommodate your busy schedule, each basket is individually prepared to your requested delivery date. Please specify type of basket(s) ordered and the date you would like them delivered.Gaga's Goodies product shots 2013Gaga's Goodies product shots 2013 Call to place your order: 248-767-3297

Gaga's Goodies product shots 2013In the basket:

7 g each organic savory, lovage, basil, fennel and tarragon

4 oz organic Mediterranean spice rub

4-6 smoked dried hot peppers

2 oz organic candied citrus peel

4 oz balsamic blackberry reduction

Add to any basket:

Organic granola, chocolate bark or peanut brittle
$10 each

Organic fruit spread
$7 per jar depending on availability


Note that these fresh organic baked goods should keep approximately 7-10 days (candies much longer) so please schedule your delivery date accordingly.

Limited quantities of some flavors: please indicate 1st, 2nd and 3rd  choices when ordering.


Fruit spreads are made either without pectin or with homemade organic pectin. The consistency is often softer than a firm jam. 


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